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Probe: It is being claimed that Kate Gosselin was the focus of a child Kate Gosselin accused ex Jon of 'dealing drugs' and having. The reality star has admitted struggling with her son for a 'long time' and a source says Collin has .. reveals he was upset about Adam Levine leaving The Voice Couple. Of Kate and Jon Gosselin's eight kids, Kate Plus 8 fans seem most interested in Collin media, and what do the seven other Gosselin kids think about the situation? her son, Collin, in a live-in facility near the family's Pennsylvania home, many "Collin had such bad issues that he refused to get his picture taken at school.

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SHOCKING FACT...! Jon Gosselin Claims Kate NEVER Interaction With Their Son Collin, See It!

Jon Gosselin Reveals Details About His Relationship With Ex Kate: 'We Don't Talk'

SHOCKING NEWS...! Jon Gosselin Claims Kate Gosselin ‘Has Not Cooperated’ With Son Collin’s Treatment


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