Vic Sotto gets honest about his son Vico Sotto's electoral victory" class="bivez" />{/PREVIEW}
Provided by Genesis Media Vic Sotto gets honest about his son Vico Sotto's electoral victory. - Vic Sotto recently gave his thoughts about his. Vico Sotto arrived at the Pasig City Hall to await his official proclamation holding hands with his mother, Connie Reyes, and with his father, Vic Sotto on his side. support for their son but admitted getting nervous about hisision to run, He said his son could have an easy win had heided to seek.


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Vico Sotto - Inaming mas malaki ang tulong pinansyal ng kanyang ama na si Vic Sotto

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Bossing Vic Sotto Todo Suporta Sa Anak Na Si Vico Sotto!

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