Social Entrepreneurship Clinic

Jonathan’s Social Entrepreneurship Clinic is an intensive cluster of capacity-building workshops, individual coaching and guest lectures about the practical skills required for a social entrepreneurship career.  The Clinic turnkey program is for-hire by universities, conferences and training institutes.

The Clinic has been offered at the University of California (Berkeley, California), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada), Said Business School Skoll Centre (Oxford, United Kingdom), Whitman College (Walla Walla, Washington), Social Enterprise Alliance Summit (Nashville, Tennessee).  Jonathan teaches at the Reynolds Center for Social Entrepreneurship at New York University.

Here is the basic idea:  Lofty ideals are not enough.  Wanting to do good is one thing.  Actually doing good is another.  When we hold ourselves to lesser performance standards, it disrespects the impoverished and disenfranchised whom we seek to help and empower. The Clinic curriculum is agnostic about competing methodologies and theories of social change; the instructor is a proponent of “pragmatic pluralism.”

Monterey Institute for Int'l Studies, 2011

In the classroom, Monterey Institute for Int’l Studies, 2011

The Clinic’s center of gravity is interactive learning, team problem-solving, case studies, hard skills acquisition and entrepreneurial ways of rethinking problems. The Clinic approach, tone and style is collegial, relaxed, professional, fun and — be ready — rigorous. 

Participants — undergraduate or graduate students, young professionals and mid-career executives – bring their causes and their passion.  The Clinic brings the nitty-gritty, actionable tools to help you get started or step up your game.  The Clinic is about doing stuff.  Mix and match modules:

      • Networking Your Social Change Agenda
      • Communicating for Community Empowerment
      • Fundraising for Social Impact Money
      • Positioning Your Social Venture for Impact
      • Solidifying Your Moral Compass
      • Anchoring Your Social Change Career
      • Understanding Your Social Change Career & Lifestyle
      • Designing Your Social Impact Education
      • Launching Your Social Entrepreneurship Career
      • Surviving Your First, & Subsequent, Social Sector Job
      • Finding the Mentors Around You
      • Conquering Common Career Mistakes

Jonathan is also available as a keynote speaker.  Illustrative public lecture at the President’s Dream Colloquium, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (March, 2014). 

SFU Jonathan Live Stream

Keynote address streamed live, Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2014

Student and audience reviews:

“…Oprah with a beard…” — Jessamyn Lau, CEO, Peery Foundation

My favorite lecturer at UC Berkeley. The class was always an interactive discussion and very educational.” — Student

“A lot of helpful feedback, constructive discussion and mentorship. One of my favorite classes.” — Student

“…truth serum for social entrepreneurs…” — Tiffany Persons, CEO, Shine on Sierra Leone

“You learn so much real-world experience in things that only this course can teach you.” — Student

Highly effective teaching style.  Incredible competence/experience.  Magnetic personality.  Unforgettable.” – Student

“I would like to thank you for your workshop today. Once I look back at my life 20 years later, I will definitely remember your workshop and know that it was a defining period of my life, so thank you very much.” — Student

“Bullshit aside, this is one of the best speeches on economic justice and poverty alleviation — by you or anyone. It will be required reading for our scholars. You have really hit a home run here…”  – Saul Garlick, CEO, Think Impact

“…a pundit, a pontificator, a founder, a leader, an ethicist and a friend.  Jonathan’s contributions span the practical (moving social investment dollars) to the increasingly vital role of serving as a moral compass.” – Eric Weaver, CEO, Opportunity Fund

To book the Social Entrepreneurship Clinic or Jonathan as your event speaker, send a request:


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