Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types 1-8

Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types 1-8 Uni lover is same age as my son STANLEY BAILEY No 5 1 2 TYPE 8 SMOOTH BOTTOM HAND PLANE Pat 02 VINTAGE STANLEY DEFIANCE SMOOTHING PLANE 9 1 8 BY 2 1 8 INCHES. I mostly collect Type 14 and 15 Stanley Sweetheart Bench Planes. The Keen Kutter planes with a KK # are not made by Stanley are have a lower quality frog then even a Stanley Bailey plane. With one of My Custom 1/8" Thick Iron.

{CAPCASE}stanley bailey no 6

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Hand Jointer using a Stanley Bailey #8

Stanley bailey no 6

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Historical Overview of Stanley Planes: Stanley No. 1

Pawn Shop Hand Plane RECLAIMED! Part 1-Stanley-Bailey #4.

Stanley bailey plane history

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