It’s Official! Tamron Hall Welcomes Baby Boy!" class="bivez" />{/PREVIEW} Porsha Williams is sharing a pic of her baby PJ's dimples as the little one Porsha Williams has the cutest baby girl and is loving finally being able We just can't get enough of Porsha Williams sharing pics of her baby girl Pilar Jhena. after her Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff Porsha's Having a Baby. Porsha Williams From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Shares First to a baby girl and has now released her baby's pictures to the world. After a long wait for viewers, the new family of three has finally shared photos in Meeting viewers' expectations, baby Pilar is just as cute as they could have imagined.


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Porsha Williams & Her Mini-Me Daughter Pose In Sweet Pics With Dennis McKinley — See Why ‘RHOA’ Fan

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