Natalie La Rose Visits Patients At Seacrest Studios Atlanta" class="bivez" />{/PREVIEW} Natalie La Rose on Her Whitney Houston-Influenced Hit 'Somebody' and Why Flo I heard this beat and told Flo Rida we should write to it. Here, La Rose gets down with VIBE to talk about her big hit, the R&B jams that raised her and coming to America. . You tag-teamed with Flo Rida and Jeremih for "Somebody. drip, except their garb drapes a little differently than it did nearly twoades ago. . Yet, some unearthly force saw the vision before them.

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Natalie La Rose, Flo Rida at The 55th Annual GRAMMY Award...


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Natalie La Rose Performs 'Somebody' with Jeremiah

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