How Russia’s First Married Gay Couple Ended Up Fleeing" class="bivez" />{/PREVIEW}
In Asia, LGBT groups are making progess, if slowly. The number of countries legalising same-sexriage continues to grow, with Denk, "We have allided to stop our work in the field because our security is at risk," In Russia, gay rights are moving further away from other European countries. When Russian president Vladimir Putin signed the federal law in, .. felt as if the law “literally makes homophobes have free rein in our country. . She explained: “In extreme cases, it is when they leave their home and live .. Speaking of a discussion on same-sexriage in her history class.


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Russia won't give its children to gays

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Germany's Merkel confronts Russia's Putin over NGO crackdown and gay rights abuses in Chechnya

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