WARNING: Don’t close WhatsApp on your iPhone by swiping up – here’s why" class="bivez" />{/PREVIEW} Have you tried to close WhatsApp by swiping up on your iPhone? If you have WABetaInfo, which covers news related to WhatsApp said the issue will be fixed in an upcoming update. “WhatsApp is “This is an iOS 11 bug.”. Except the iPhone X, on every Apple mobile one closes down apps by As far as iPhone X is concerned, you need to swipe halfway up the screen, hold for a Of late, the message that WhatsApp users are getting urges them not to do this. Here's the video of the notification, which wast to a Twitter.

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Fastest way to unlock your iPhone X with Face ID!

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone or iPad (No Jailbreak)

Swiping to close whatsapp notification

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