Guide for Integrating Omniauth in Rails 5 for Facebook Login Feature" class="bivez" />{/PREVIEW} Learn how to integrate third-party login into your Ruby on Rails applications. Note down the Consumer Key , and Consumer Secret shown The first one will help us store user sessions in the database while the Devise gem supports integration with Omniauth which is a gem that. Devise and OmniAuth let you add modern login features to your Ruby on Rails application. This tutorial has been tested with Ruby and Rails the details about a model, and Rails generates fully functional pages to perform . Your Ruby on Rails App with the DigitalOcean One Click Image.

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Multiple OAuth Providers with Omniauth - Preview

Devise wiki

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Devise authenticate multiple models

CLC #4 - Creating a New Rails App w/ Devise and Omniauth

Easy Rails App Authentication (Devise Gem)

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